HONOLULU (KHON2) – Tis the season, at least its approaching and we can tell because holiday craft fairs are starting to slowly make its return back here at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center and last weekend was the Hawaii Holiday Craft & Gift Fair. 

You better get your Christmas presents done early so you don’t have to stress about it as we get closer to Christmas. 

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To find out more about the return of this event, we are here with the event organizer Pat Shine. 

What can people expect for this year’s craft fair?

“This year, we are just so excited because we have about 230 booths,” says Shine.

“The entire exhibition hall is always full of vendors for the first time since, as we all know, 2019.  Everybody is really excited to be down here.  They are all looking forward to a strong holiday season, and this is really the first big craft fair coming up here at Blaisdell Center.”

I think when we think particularly for vendors and small businesses who really rely on event like this, the pandemic could have been really stressful and hard for them.

How important are these events and the return of such events?

“It’s absolutely essential for small businessperson here in Hawaii,” says Shine.

“Many of these people go from week to week to week, they really count on this as the basis for their income stream and their way of life if you will.  So, it’s really our honor to present a show like this to them and we will be doing another show in December as well.  We are the only company with two holiday fairs on at this time of year.”

Well, thank you very much Pat. 

We actually want to check out some of vendors, so come and follow me. 

Let’s go see who is inside.

The doors have just opened at 3 o’clock on the dot and the booth is already full of people and the line is starting. 

We are particularly here in the Wahine Toa Designs, one of the 230 booths that are in as Pat was sharing. 

But to find out more about Wahine Toa, we are here with Kate. 

Tell us a little bit about, especially going through the pandemic and the supply chain issues, how have you been able to continue? 

“So, we kind of approached that time of our lives as a family,” says Kate Nawahine of Wahine Toa Designs.

“Kaleo was pretty quick to put together a website, so the stock that we had prepared to use for Merrie Monarch, we repurposed and rolled right into a website and now that we are able to travel again and folks are more mobile, we’re starting to travel.  So, we are here for these 3 days.  This is the only craft fair that we are doing on Oahu until December.  But we were really conscious to maintain our price point and pass that on to our customers, so the prices that we had pre-pandemic are the prices that we have post-pandemic.  So, just maintaining that and being sensitive to everyone that had to make adjustments.”

Best of luck, you are already on a great start. 

This is the first of 3 days for this event. 

The event on Friday, Oct. 14 lasted until 9pm, Saturday happened from 10am to 7pm, and Sunday was the last day which happened from 10am to 5pm. 

$5 admissions, free for military, veterans and keiki under the age of 7. 

For all information, click here.

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