HONOLULU (KHON2) — Mother Nature is showing off her strength with the biggest swell of the season.

It’s drawing crowds and prompting rescues.

Over on Kauai, six people had to be pulled from rough waters at Poipu beach yesterday.

Here on Oahu, lifeguards were also kept busy today.

A dangerous life threatening swell slammed north and west facing shores throughout the day on Monday.

The swell building rapidly in size.

“This morning behind my house the waves were probably four feet,” said big wave surfer Mason Barnes. “It looks flat as a lake. Then within an hour there was 30 foot waves coming in. It’s crazy and then it will go flat for 20 minutes. It will look appealing and people are like, ‘Oh I can go swim in that,’ and before they know what they’re getting swept out to sea.”

This kept lifeguards and beachgoers on their toes.

“We weren’t really anticipating it jumping up as quick as it did when we opened operations this morning,” said Ocean Safety Division Lt. Kerry Atwood. “It was more in the four to six foot range. We were anticipating it to come up this afternoon. It did early-mid morning. We’ve had a lot of rescues so far it’s been an extremely busy day.”

At Waimea Bay two body surfers caught in a rip.

Ocean Safety jet ski assisted and brought the two to shore 10 minutes later.

Although the Eddie didn’t go, surfers did.

“It’s just now getting really good,” said Barnes. “I paddled out and got two quick waves. I wanted to come in and take a break because I think the next hour or two it’s going to get huge.”

The swell continuing to build and amaze beachgoers.

“It’s pretty crazy they’re out,” said Colorado visitor Julie Kim. “They’re out risking their lives for fun.”

“If you do come out to the north shore plan on making it a no swim day,” said Atwood. “There’s absolutely no safe recreational swimming. And also if you do not obey the boundaries that ocean safety has established, whether it be PA from the lifeguard, or warning signs and caution tape, you could quickly find yourself in a life threatening situation.”

As of 2 p.m. there were six rescues from Mokuleia to Pipeline.

Lifeguards warning people to stay away from wet sand and rocks and to stay behind caution tape.

There is also the potential for sets to wash up onto the highway later this afternoon as high tide approaches.