High school seniors say Genki balls will help clean the Ala Wai

Local News

A solution was brought up to clean up the Ala Wai watershed.

The solution? Genki balls. 

No, not the sushi chain, but mudballs dropped into the canal. 

Genki balls contain micro-organisms that remove pollutants from the sludge that gathered at the bottom. 

High school seniors from Punahou worked on a project to study how it could help in the Ala Wai. 

“What happens is the bacteria or the effective microorganisms inside of the genki ball kind of go out and they eat the sludge. and then it helps aerate and make the environment better and healthier,” said Punahou school senior Michelle Chang. 

Similar techniques are used in various projects in Japan and in Hawaii to clean water ways. 

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