HONOLULU (KHON2) — Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said he was pleased with the finalists in the search for the next Honolulu Police Chief, and acknowledges Joe Logan’s leaderships skills stood out.

“His management philosophy, leadership philosophy, with respect to internal operations, morale, recruiting, clearly, there’s a real need to do that,” said Rick Blangiardi, Mayor of Honolulu. “In his role, the expectation is to have a chief of police who is in touch with the 21st century and that involves communication and involves transparency.”

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The police union sounded the alarm about staffing shortages earlier in 2021. The union said they did get a chance to speak with Logan prior to Monday’s Honolulu Police Commission meeting and are confident he will keep his promise of tackling key issues.

“It’s going out and going to high schools, going out to different events, getting the young people prepared to come into the department or bringing back the Cadet Program which he was talking about that in the PBS Insights show,” said Robert Cavaco, President of SHOPO.

Another concern for SHOPO is how Logan will get about 190 officers eligible for retirement to stay on the job amid staffing shortages.

“He did mention too in his commission meeting this afternoon that he wanted to interview or at least talk to officers with that amount of time in the department to see what he can do in order to keep them in,” Cavaco said.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s office works hand in hand with the police department. Honolulu Prosecutor Steve Alm said his top priority is a collaborative approach to tackling violent crime.

“It’s trying to work together there and we are hitting some of the toughest places with Weed N Seed and we we’re looking forward to working with the police on that,” said Steve Alm, Honolulu Prosecutor.

Logan will be overseeing a $312 million budget. Council Chair Tommy Waters said in a statement:

“We support law enforcement to the tune of over $312 million per year. As one of the largest departments in the City, the Council takes crime and public safety seriously. I want to extend a sincere mahalo to incoming Chief Logan for stepping up to serve, as well as all of the other candidates for their willingness to put their names forward. It is my hope that the he will be able to administer this budget to provide safe neighborhoods for our community. I also want to cordially extend an invitation to the new chief to attend the Public Safety in Waikiki Town Hall coming up this Thursday.”

Honolulu City Council Chair Tommy Waters

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Now, the Honolulu Police Commission says Logan will go through medical clearance and other requirements before he is officially accepted for the job.