HFD, doctor warn fireworks, especially improvised, can cause serious injuries

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We are more than two weeks away from New Year’s Eve, but fireworks are already causing problems.

The Honolulu Police Department says they have been flooded with calls from people complaining about illegal fireworks.

“Here in Hawaii we have this culture of definitely using fireworks it is big here,” said Dr. Daniel Cheng with Queen’s Medical Center. “Definitely during the New Year and the fourth of July we see an up tick in firework related injuries.”

Some of those injuries coming from illegal fireworks.

“If they are improvised homemade fireworks those are especially dangerous,” said Capt. David Jenkins with the Honolulu Fire Department.

While the homemade version is dangerous even the legal fireworks can be dangerous too.

“One of the biggest is injuries with children,” said Dr. Cheng. “The biggest things we see is finger amputations and finger related injuries. Burns are the second related injury.”

“Fireworks can be dangerous, especially when used improperly, so the potential to have more injuries or emergencies because fireworks is there when we have more fireworks around,” Capt. Jenkins said.

So when it comes to fireworks, the best advice is to be safe and follow the law.

“We just want everyone to use what is provided legally,” said Capt. Jenkins.

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