HONOLULU (KHON2) — Have you got a call asking for donations on behalf of a fire department?

The Honolulu Fire Department is warning the public about this phone scam.

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HFD learned that elderly people were among the many that were targeted.

According to HFD, the callers pretended to be with a fire department and then solicited donations to pay for new equipment and fire training.

“The HFD takes such scams very seriously and we have notified the Honolulu
Police Department,” said Fire Chief Sheldon K. Hao. “Our mission is to provide
for a safer community through prevention, preparedness, and effective
emergency response. We are alarmed these scammers are targeting our kupuna,
the most vulnerable in our community.”

According to officials, federal, state and county fire departments in Hawaii never conduct telephone, email or door-to-door solicitations.

HFD said that if you ever receive a call from someone asking for money and claiming to be with a fire department do not engage or give any personal information and hang up.

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Call 911 and report the call.