HEMIC donates nearly 2,000 pairs of slippers to homeless, low-income families

Local News

Insurance company HEMIC recently did a commercial with more than 1,800 pairs of slippers.

Its dilemma afterward? What to do with all of them!

So it partnered with Helping Hands Hawaii to donate them to homeless and low-income families.

“We’re hoping our donation will kind of inspire others, businesses, families, individuals, to step up and help Helping Hands Hawaii with their Community Clearinghouse. There are so many people in this community that are in need, and we think that it’s up to us to step up and provide for them,” said HEMIC CEO Marty Welch.

“Especially since they’re brand-new, colorful. It’s definitely also a pick-me-up for them. A lot of clients need services and they literally walk in barefoot,” said Maria Vuong, Helping Hands Hawaii.

Helping Hands Hawaii Community Clearinghouse provides people in need with basic necessities such as food, clothing, furniture, and basic household items, free of charge.

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