HONOLULU (KHON2) — Heartbreaking testimony in the murder of the North Shore woman, Telma Boinville, whose daughter was kidnapped. The girl, who is now 13 years old, told jurors today what happened on that tragic day five years ago.

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Telma Boinville’s daughter was eight years old and a third-grader at Sunset Elementary School at the time of the murder. The girl told jurors on Friday she was waiting in the truck while Boinville went to the house to finish cleaning up when a man with green hair came out.

“He came to the truck and grabbed me,” said Makana.

“Do you remember what he told you?” asked Deputy Prosecutor Scott Bell.

“Yeah, we killed your mom,” she said.

“What happened next Makana?” asked Bell.

“He carried me to the house in the side room kind of,” she said.

She said the man then took her upstairs and a woman with pink hair followed. And they then tied the girl up to the bed.

“They took me to the bed and put me there and tied me up to the frame,” said Makana.

“Who tied you up? asked Bell.

“The boy and the girl,” said Makana.

Boinville’s husband, Kevin Emery also testified about how the girl was able to identify the suspects Stephen Brown and Hailey Dandurand. They were arrested hours later at Mililani Town Center. Dandurand’s trial is scheduled for July.

“What did you do with this image?” asked Bell.

 “I calmly asked Makana, she was shaking, if I can show her an image of these, with the people and she immediately said yes, as she pushed the phone away from her,” said Kevin Emery.

Brown’s attorney made the point that the girl never actually saw who killed her mother.

“You didn’t see what happened to your mom?” asked Defense Attorney William Bagasol

“No, I didn’t look no,” said Makana.

Also on Friday, jurors were shown security footage of Brown and Dandurand shopping at the Mililani Walmart a few hours after the murder.

“That’s when she takes out a bank card out of her right front hoodie pocket to pay for the Boost mobile charger, which was later recovered after her arrest and it was found to be Telma Boinville’s,” said HPD Capt. Sandi Fujitani-Awaya.

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The prosecutor rested his case at the end of the day. The defense will start calling witnesses on Tuesday.