#HAWAIISTRONG: Local filmmakers join global effort to choose hope in new worldwide film

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hundreds of filmmakers are joining a global effort to choose hope amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Acts of kindess captured in Hawaii are featured in a new worldwide film.

In a time where we feel so distant from each other, The Choose Hope Story is bringing us closer than ever.

“There were just heartwarming stories happening everywhere and being able to focus on that was probably the biggest blessing out of all of this,” said Kolby Moser, Owner of Aria Studios.

250 filmmakers from 50 countries collaborated to shine light through the fear. Muse Storytelling chose four local filmmakers to capture acts of kindness happening in our own backyard.

“At this time I felt totally hopeless helpless scared and so I just needed something positive to pour my energy into and that’s why I was 100 percent on board,” said Moser.

The four-minute tear jerking film only took nine days to produce.

“The final product still gives me chicken skin, i probably watched it like 20 times or more and I still cry,” Moser said.

“Submersing yourself into this film like seeing all of the footage one it’s an epic experience, two during this time of crisis we needed that positivity like seeing those clips strung out together,” said
Andrew Tran, Creative Director for Redeined Media.

Tran, Moser and the rest of team Hawaii got to prove to the world why they call our home the aloha state.

Meanwhile, Muse Storytelling is encouraging the public to find the good in their own community and share it using the hashtag choose hope story.

“We want to inspire people to whatever they’re seeing around the world whatever it is whatever is happening especially during these times to share it and to choose hope,” said Tran.

To learn more about The Choose Hope Story, click here.

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