Hawaii’s Most Wanted: Alfred Godfrey

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Editor’s note: Alfred Godfrey was featured on Hawaii’s Most Wanted on Dec. 5, 2015. He has since been arrested and this post has been updated.

A warrant for Alfred Godfrey was recalled on Friday, Dec. 18.

Godfrey was featured on Hawaii’s Most Wanted on December 5.

“On June 4, 2009, officers in Chinatown were patrolling North Beretania Street when they came upon a male sitting in a doorway with drugs and drug paraphernalia between his legs,” said Crimestoppers Sgt. Kim Buffett.

He was arrested for the drugs and then in August 2010 he was arrested again.

“Godfrey was attending a mandatory court ordered drug treatment group meeting at the River of Life Church on North Pauahi Street when he disappeared from the meeting,” Buffett said.

Godfrey was later caught and arrested for escape. He was wanted on two $20,000 warrants in connection with those cases for not following the terms of HOPE probation.

He had five prior convictions.

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