Hawaii’s DOT tests sustainable concrete

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It sounds like a chemistry experiment. If all goes well, it could result in a new way of fixing Hawaii’s roads. 

The HDOT is working with a new concrete mix injected with carbon dioxide to not only improve our infrastructure but to help the environment. 

“When you look at all that we’re putting into production for all the roads we have, for all the bridges we have coming up, for all the new homes coming up that have slabs coming through, for all the buildings we’re going to need concrete for, it can turn into a big amount of CO2, that we can either entrain into the concrete, or avoid producing, that’s the whole goal today,” said Deputy Director of Highways Ed Sniffen. 

The testing of the concrete mix is not only cost efficient but an example in how to save energy. 

“You take a little bit of cement out of this mix, you put carbon cure back into it, and that gives you the same strength. But what I’m looking for is the savings on the cement versus the cost of the carbon so that it comes out even,so that it’s neutral-and then your environmentally friendly,” said Island Ready Mix’s F.H. ‘Shorty’ Kuhn. 

“We reduce it overall about 1500 pounds into the environment. Now, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but really, that equals up to one car driving 1600 miles continuously. So, it builds up quite a bit,” said Sniffen. 

The results could take up to a week, but the outcome is focused on Hawaii’s future. 

“This doesn’t just impact Department of Transportation, it’s anyone who does development, anyone who uses concrete, they can start using this type of technology at a low cost change,” said Sniffen.

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