Hawaiian monk seal prowls Honokohau Harbor for easy eats

Local News

Ocean officials want to warn fishermen not to toss fish scraps in the water.

On the Big Island, they say a Hawaiian monk seal known as B-18 has been spotted this week swimming in and around boats at Honokohau small boat harbor feeding on fish scraps that have been thrown overboard.

They’re concerned the seal could get hit by a boat or propeller. They also don’t want the marine mammal to get acclimated to people.

“Seals are highly endangered and for them to be successful in the long run they need to be able to forage in the wild and not depend on human interaction,” said Elia Herman of the Hawaiian Islands Humbpack Whale National Sanctuary.

Signs will be posted at the harbor advising people to properly dispose of their fish scraps.

If they have to, officials will start to enforce this because this is a form of littering.

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