Hawaiian Humane Society in urgent need of towels after theft

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An unusual theft has put the Hawaiian Humane Society in a bind. 

So it’s asking for help.
Towels were stolen from the facility at a time when they’re badly needed.

The Humane Society is always in need of used towels. 
They use them for practically everything. 
A spokeswoman says this theft couldn’t have happened at a worst time.

Towels are more than just for drying off the animals at the Humane Society.

It seems there’s never enough to keep up with the demand.

“We use towels for everything,” said Hawaiian Humane Society spokesperson Suzy Tam. “For puppies, and kittens, to wrap them to make sure they don’t get sick. We use them for surgery. Animals when they’re done with surgery to lay them and to wrap them as well. We use them to line kennels. So we go through a ton of towels on a daily basis.”

Tam says the Humane Society recently renewed a call for more donations. 

So people had been dropping them off.

But sometime over the weekend, for whatever reason, someone stole the towels that were donated.

“It’s just an unfortunate time when we’re critically low on towels and really in need of them,” said Tam. “We’re asking for more. We’re thankful to the gracious supporters who thought about the animals and immediately brought more towels to us, but we’re always in need of them.”

Word has already gotten out about the theft, and donors are stepping in to help out. 

They can’t understand why it happened in the first place.

“I feel sorry for these animals,” said Gay Hadama, who donates to the Humane Society. “People do it with good heart to bring these for the animals, and to be ripped off it’s so sad.”

Tam says the reason why they had asked for more donations in the first place is because of the amount of animals they have there now.

“We’re in the height of kitten season, so we have a ton of kittens here,” said Tam. “We have a lot of dogs. So if you guys come over to the Humane Society you’ll notice a lot of animals available for adoption. And the more animals we have the more towels we do go through.”
With all the animals there now, the Humane Society is also in need of other donations, like pet food and toys. 

Volunteers are also wanted who are able to foster the animals, or even just to walk the dogs. But the immediate is for towels and lots of them.

United Laundry plans to donate a big batch but more is needed. 

The hotel industry is working on putting a donation together.

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