Hawaiian Airlines still fixing website, call center problems

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaiian Airlines is asking for customers to be patient if they have been having trouble logging into their Hawaiian Airlines account or getting through to the call center.

The Airlines says an unexpected surge in demand to travel is causing technical problems to its website. The issue was first reported on Tuesday, May 11.

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Jas Henriksen is returning home to Kauai, and she said her check-in process went on without a glitch.

Henriksen, “It went very smoothly as expected. I just have to go and check my bag for the front, and I’ll be good to go.”

Not everyone’s experience was as smooth, however. Certain Hawaiian Airlines clients are having a tough time accessing their accounts, or even changing flights.

Jason Sorrell is visiting from Chicago. He says several of his calls and text messages for support to change a flight went unanswered.

“Tried to call before we came, tried to message and get in touch with them they won’t, there was no response,” Sorrell said. “They got a little text service, but they are not responding in time, so I had to actually come to the airport to change my reservation.” 

Hawaiian Airlines senior vice president of marketing Ami Mannis says the technical issues are being driven by an unexpected surge in bookings, as well as people accessing their travel credits.

Those having trouble accessing online support are flooding the call center.

“We know that we have guests who tried to call  and haven’t been able to get to an agent, it’s really the volume of calls that we’ve received,” Mannis said. “We’re working to increase our staffing to improve staffing in channels like chat and messaging were we can get through more people quickly.”

Hawaiian had to downsize staffing because of the pandemic. It has hired more than 100 people to try to meet demand at the call center since March.

Hawaiian says the two issues continue to compound each other. Some customers are getting errors on the website to contact the call center, but are then not able to get through to a representative.

Officials at Hawaiian Airlines are working on fixing the website issues and training new staff.

They apologize for the inconvenience and are continuing to ask customers for their patience.

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