HONOLULU (KHON2) — Due to a shortage of pilots, Hawaiian Airlines canceled more than 50 flights on Thursday and several more on Friday, before the Easter Weekend.

According to a spokesperson, more than a dozen more flights were canceled for Saturday–impacting thousands of travelers.

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Rescheduling has not been easy.

“It was about two hours on the phone of you know going through the whole process and getting everything rebooked,” said Virginia resident Bruce Reichard. “Luckily we were able to extend here on Oahu and there were no issues as far as that goes, everyone was pretty understanding.”

“Personally I’m just happy we have a flight and we’re heading to Maui to see family,” said Paige Garcia.

But not everyone was satisfied with how things turned out

Diana Baker and her husband were looking forward to a weekend getaway on Maui when she got the email that said their flight was canceled.

“I attempted multiple times, 11 times to be exact, and I couldn’t get through cause the number was busy,” said Hawaii resident Diana Baker.

Once she did, the two flights offered didn’t work with her schedule, so they bought tickets on a different airline.

“They deployed two larger planes, but at the time they sent the cancelation to us, those flights were not available and I asked the Hawaiian representative were they going to have more flights available and she said, ‘no.'” said Baker.

Baker and other travelers that KHON2 spoke with said Hawaiian Airlines should have planned better.

“They should have planned accordingly and they didn’t,” said Baker.

A Hawaiian Airlines spokesperson confirmed that 14 flights are canceled for Saturday and at least five for Sunday.

According to Hawaiian Airlines, all passengers affected by the flight cancelations will be accommodated by the airline.

Hawaiian Airlines said the cancelations are due to pilot training and simulator certification issues.

They said they are making progress training more Boeing 717 pilots daily and expect to see less disruptions as they continue to substitute larger aircraft to offer enough seats to our guests.

The increased demand for flights likely also contributed to it according to Captain Larry Payne chairman of Hawaiian Airlines pilot’s union.

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“Airline training departments must deal with increased flight schedules, and we believe that most should be able to predict and respond appropriately to retraining demands,” said Payne.