HONOLULU (KHON2) — As the state gets back to some type of normalcy, Hawaii is getting back out there across the world on the big screen and even television screens in homes.

Next on the list is called “The White Lotus,” from HBO and folks may be familiar with one of the guest stars that will be recurring in this series.

If you watched Aquaman, he’s the young Aquaman on there.

KHON2 met with Kekoa Kekumano, who played the young Aquaman in the 2018 film.

What is a quick synopsis of what can be expected in the show?

“Real quickly, it’s a hotel called The White Lotus and we filmed the whole thing on Maui at the Four Seasons Resort,” said Kekumano.  “And the show showcases a bunch of different characters coming to the hotel and how they interact with the guests at the hotel and how the workers at the hotel interact with each other and how their whole vacation pans out.  So, that’s kind of the synopsis of everything.”

The movie was shot in Hawaii, so KHON2 asked how Kekumano felt about being able to showcase his home.

“Well, it’s awesome because Hawaii is the most beautiful place in the world,” says Kekumano.  “I’m born and raised over here and super proud to be from here.  It really allows the local people, not only the people who is trying to be in front of the screen but the people behind the screen as well, it gives a lot of people work down over here.  And it’s a super cool opportunity for everybody to work together and share the aloha.”

The movie was shot in November and December of 2020 during the pandemic.

“This is crazy, it’s been crazy filming in that time because there has just been so much uncertainty,” says Kekumano.  “So, to shoot a huge mini-series for HBO like this, a lot of testing, a lot of rules.  We were actually only allowed to be in the grounds of the hotel.  We couldn’t leave, we were almost in bubble and it was a pretty cool experience honestly.  I don’t think ill ever be able to do something like that ever again.”

So, the big question: What’s next on the list?

“Right now, I’m just lucky and blessed for everything that’s been going on,” says Kekumano.  “I had another small little role for another show for Amazon Prime called “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” but as far as my everyday life, you can catch me at Waikiki Beach.  I’m life-guarding, dancing luau’s every night and doing surf lessons.”

“The White Lotus” will be premiering on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, July 11.

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