HONOLULU (KHON2) — Summer is coming to a close, which means children are back in school and the demand for travel is dropping.

Experts said it could be the best time for locals to book a trip as fall approaches.

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The University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization said summer 2022 was pricey for travelers, but travel demand will fade as the month of August closes out.

“If you went and searched for an airfare, say in mid-October,” said UHERO Executive Director Dr. Carl Bonham, “From Hawaii to the West Coast, you’d find roundtrip fairs around $400.”

“And I guarantee you, you couldn’t find anything like that in June and July, you were looking at $700 – $800 easily.”

Dr. Carl Bonham, UHERO executive director

Some travelers told KHON2 that they wished they postponed their trip — but hearing the price could be right in a couple of months might mean that they will be hopping right back on a flight.

“Yes, for that pricing, on top of tickets, for sure,” said Waianae resident Jorell Pontes-Borje. “It’s crazy. The price tag, just to go to New York was over $1,000 just roundtrip, and something you would not expect.”

Two visitors from Texas were on their honeymoon though, so postponing was not an option for them.

“Yeah, we couldn’t put it off. But now that you mentioned that there is a chance that it could be a little bit lower, I would’ve preferred to wait,” Austin resident Joshua Larios said. “I definitely will come back, it’s beautiful out here. So, it is something that I’m willing to do, especially if it’s going to be at a better price.”

Staying in the Islands is always a safe bet for locals. KHON2 asked Pontes-Borje if he had considered going on an interisland trip.

“Oh yeah, that was the first thing going to my head,” Pontes-Borje said, “but then it was like, ‘Oh, we wanted to go visit New York, something different than inter-island.'”

Experts said to mark those calendars and start looking for fall deals.

“It’s usual for domestic travel to Hawaii and visa versa, I mean, if you’re a Hawaii resident, the best time to travel to the mainland is going to be almost always September and October,” Dr. Bonham said.

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“Oh, I want to book my ticket right now,” Pontes-Borje said. “Like I mean, when the prices drop, everyone rather book their tickets then, you know, instead of waiting for prices to go back up.”