HONOLULU (KHON2) – How bad is Hawaii traffic? According to one study, it’s the worst in the country. 

WalletHub, a credit score website, ranked the best and worst states to drive in using different metrics like the cost of ownership, traffic and infrastructure, safety and access to vehicles and maintenance. 

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Being stuck in traffic is the worst because it can make you late, cause people’s tempers to flare and drivers use more gas idling in the long run.

According to the study, United States drivers have spent $564 in wasted time while sitting in traffic during 2021.

Out of 50 states, Hawaii came out on top, for being the worst state to drive in. Hawaii is known for having the fewest auto repair shops per capita and having the fewest car washes per capita.

Hawaii also has one of the highest average gas prices and the highest auto repair maintenance costs. 
Ralph Buehler with Virginia Tech Research Center said traffic safety in the U.S. is getting worse and there has been a gradual increase in traffic fatalities.

“The main reasons for increased fatalities in the U.S. are related to more vehicle miles of driving, larger and more deadly vehicles, driver distraction, drunk driving, speeding and a poorly designed roadway system that accommodates high speeds and creates unsafe conditions for pedestrians and cyclists,” said Buehler. 

He said most states can increase enforcement with automated speed and red-light cameras.

“Unfortunately, many states still do not allow their deployment,” said Buehler. “These measures are very effective, and they can be implemented in an unbiased way by having objective groups decide where to put the machines.”

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To read the full study on the best and worst states to drive in head to WalletHub’s website.