HONOLULU (KHON2) — Have you ever wondered where the best spots were to go stargazing? A new study listed the best places to go stargazing in the world and Hawaii received the top spot. 

The study done by Lenstore Vision Hub collected data across five metrics for 29 different locations to determine which was best for observing the stars. Each metric was given a weighted score, which we then combined to give every location a final index score out of 10. 

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The metrics used were light pollution, country search volume, location search volume, total search volume and lunar eclipses in 2022. 

Lenstore said one of the most magical sights on Earth is a night sky full of stars. Since the beginning of time, humans have looked up at the stars with amazement, and it remains a popular pastime even today.

Taking the top spot as number one on this list is Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii. They report the dormant volcano is the second-highest peak of any island on Earth, with a light pollution level of -0.03 and a total monthly search volume of 40 – which is the second-highest figure for this metric across all the locations in our analysis, after Uluru in Australia.

The study suggests a low light pollution score is better for stargazing than a high one. The less light pollution there is, the brighter the stars appear.

In second place came Mont-Mégantic, Canada, then Sedona, Arizona located in the United States and fourth Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania also located in the United States. 

According to the study, if you want to observe both lunar eclipses this year, you’ll have a good opportunity to see them in certain North American spots. They report only one of the two lunar eclipses will be visible outside of the continent during the year.

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To read the full study or for more information on Lenstore head to their website