HONOLULU (KHON2) — You do not have to look up to see rainbows all around, the Hawaii rainbow license plates have been on the road since 1991, but the 30-year-old design is now preparing to retire. 

There is still no clear timeline for when the Hawaii rainbow license plate designs will eventually phase out. The City’s Department of Customer Services said there is a statewide effort in its early phase to begin selecting a new design. 

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The license plate numbers have nearly gone through the alphabet, and current numbers being issued are starting with the “W”, only leaving “X, Y and Z”. But it could still be years for the change to happen. 

Windward resident Kawika Miranda said he would like to see a previous design come back. 

Miranda said, “We rather have the older ones back, with the Kamehameha helmet, just the figure I suppose.”

Chuck’s Corvette Clinic owner Chuck Garner is very familiar with the design changes over the years. He has kept his personalized license plates in his shop for decades. 

Garner said, “There’s a 69, a 76 and an 81.”

Garner has kept “KALE” as his license plate number ever since the personalized plates started being issued. He plans on keeping “KALE” in whichever design comes next but hopes it will stay Hawaii-style. 

“You have to compliment Hawaiian style and history,” Garner said. “And that’s why I was thinking of surfing, or canoe something like that would be a whole different deal.”

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The new design would ultimately get input from all counties and the state, and likely the public.