HONOLULU (KHON2) – Attention all you parents with little keiki. 

Are they annoying you?

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Do you need your moment of rest and relief of them and get their attention off of you and on to something else?

Well, I have something for you this weekend. 

Here at the historic Hawaii Theatre, in downtown Honolulu, the last weekend of a performance known as Disney’s Frozen Jr. 

This kicked off last weekend and this is the final weekend, especially tomorrow and Sunday, you’ll have three more performances to have your children have a little fun moment and again, take that attention off of you and on to something else. 

So, we are here with the Director of Papa Hawaii who puts on these productions, we are here with JP Tai. 

Tell me a little bit about this performance and how Frozen Jr. is really dedicated and focused on our little keiki compared to the Broadway adult performances.

“Certainly. So, everyone is familiar with the Disney movie and also Broadways version of Disney’s Frozen,” said Tai.

“So, this is a paired down version. This is Disney’s Frozen Jr.  This is performed by kids for kids ages kindergarten to 12th grade and all of their parents and family helped to build the sets, the costumes, the props and really bring it to life.” said Tai.

I was always curious, when comes a Disney production that is outside of Disney, how do you have the ability and the rights to put this together?

“So, we work with a production company called Music Theatre International and they give us the rights to be able to do the show,” said Tai.

Tai explained, “So, we pay for the rights.  They limited us so we can’t promote the way we normally do.  So, no commercials, no radio spots, so it’s a lot of grass root efforts through social media and through the word of mouth.”

You mentioned that keiki are part of this performance. 

So, who actually makes up this production?

“So, its 25 kiddos ages five through 17,” said Tai.

“All of them have a passion for theatre.  None of them auditioned to be a part of this show.  You just audition to be a part of the show itself.”

So then when this show comes to a close on Sunday and you step into your next production, for keiki who is watching and may want to participate, do they have the chance to become performers?

“Definitely,” said Tai.

“So, for any performer interested out there, our next show that we will be doing here at the Hawaii Theatre, the fall musical is called the Wizard of Oz.  Everyone is familiar with that and it is open to everyone who is interested in performing.”

Well, thank you very much JP for your time. 

Speaking of the future, let’s shift our attention to the President and CEO, Gregory Dunn of the Hawaii Theatre, to find out what is the future for the theatre. 

I just received your latest newsletter and on the top of the list, in November, is Whose Live Anyway? 

Everybody who knows Whose Line Is It Anyway, this is a little snippet of that. 

I am super excited as it’s showing that you have a lot more things for the rest of the year. 

What is coming up for at least August as we step into that month?

“So, August is going to be incredibly packed,” said Dunn.

“This is the theatre’s centennial anniversary, so we have a lot of shows that are scheduled.  So right off the bat in August is Tig Notaro the comedian, Jim Jefferies the comedian, and then we also have coming in a real special guest with Cary Elwes who is the star, who is Wesley, in the Princess Bride.  So, our audience will be able to meet him, ask questions, watch the movie, have a great, fun time.” said Dunn.

And I hear there is also a special sneak peak, as of right now, only members know about. 

Share with us a little about that if you don’t mind.

“You are getting the early word on this,” said Dunn.

“Starting next year, we are going to be welcoming in a Broadway play called Potted Potter.  It’s the unauthorized Harry Potter parody.  So, people will be able to dress up, come in.  We will be running it for about a week.  So, right now its member only presale.  And next week it will be announced and open to the public.  So, you want to get your tickets early because this is the real Broadway show,” explained Dunn.

Again, that’s your little sneap peak for everybody so for your chance, head to our website khon2.com and we will have all the links that will direct you straight to Hawaii Theatre.  

Again, for Frozen Jr. you have three more opportunities, two shows on Saturday and the last one on Sunday.

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