HONOLULU (KHON2) —  A fun-filled event is back on at Kualoa Ranch for families to enjoy food, livestock, and activities.

Kids from the Hawaii State 4-H Club with the livestock program are excited to show off the animals they raised themselves.

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“They put in a lot of time and energy,” said Abigail Ana, a member of the Hawaii State 4-H Club. “They have to do — they have to take care of their animal in the morning and afternoon, making sure they have clean water, enough food all that stuff.”

The kids take care of their pig, goat or steer for up to six months and on the weekend of the fair, they get to compete for a first-place ribbon.

Ana said, “It’s a really good opportunity for these kids to show how much they’ve worked and it — I think it helps kids learn how to be responsible for kind of like taking care of something else that’s not themselves.”

These kids are a part of the Hawaii State 4-H Club livestock program, competing are nine to 18 years old.

This year, three siblings entered the competition together. They said they are very competitive.

“It’s all love in the end. I mean it, we just brag to each other after,” said the oldest sibling Taezja Teves. “I won, you know over you, but in the end, it’s all fair and everyone loves everyone.”

Families will be able to enjoy all of the animals both Saturday and Sunday, and there are even going to be some pony rides.

Along with the livestock tent, there will be a plant tent, food vendors and an interactive kids tent.

Megan Kono, the farmers market general manager, said the kids’ tent will be filled with “a planting zone for kids. They can guess what plants are growing.”

“We’ll have an area where they can do chick chicken chicks. We also have honey extractions with beekeepers on Sunday,” said Kono. “A fake milking cow. Super awesome cute John Deere tractors that they can ride around in. A hay bale they can play with and bouncers and all sorts of stuff.”

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Keiki and students with a valid student ID can get in for free and admission is $5 for the general public. Participants in the Hawaii State Farm Fair said they can wait to see everyone together again after two years.