HONOLULU (KHON2) – Robin Jandle from Oahu is a canopy skydiver and has set a new record at this week’s 2022 Skydiving National Championships. Her new record setting distance is nearly a mile at 129.98 meters. 

Skydiving is typically a male-dominated sport with less than 15% of skydivers identifying as female. 

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With Jandle being female, she has also claimed her spot for the 2023 U.S. World Cup skydiving roster where she will compete in Arizona next year. 

Jandle has been skydiving for more than 12 years and made the U.S. Parachute team in 2019 along with holding different world records. 

Canopy piloting is when a skydiver swoops over water, getting speeds of up to 100 MPH, they are then judged in distance, accuracy and speed. 

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Overall, Jandle came in third place competing against both women and men.