Hawaii researchers first to successfully breed, rear yellow tang aquarium fish

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Ocean researchers at Hawaii Pacific University have achieved a major milestone.

They were the first in the world to successfully breed and rear yellow tang, which is one of the world’s most popular saltwater aquarium fish.

This comes after nearly 15 years of research, while overcoming a series of obstacles.

“They require specialized environmental conditions in the lab, and they require very tiny live prey,” said Chatham Callan, finfish program director at Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University. “In the ocean, they have an abundance of a variety of different live organisms to choose from.”

The yellow tang is the most harvested ornamental fish in Hawaii’s waters.

Now, roughly 100-150 juveniles ranging in age from 70- to 90-days old are living in tanks at the Oceanic Institute.

Researchers hope this will help with the over-harvesting of aquarium fish.

Nearly 98 percent of marine aquarium species are caught in the wild.

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