HONOLULU (KHON2) — A state representative is pushing for a bill that he says may help mitigate traffic on Hawaii roads.

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Hawaii State Representative Takashi Ohno introduced a bill on Wednesday that aims to establish a remote work transition grant program to help small businesses convert to virtual working environments.

Representative Ohno says the measure compliments Governor Ige’s vision of remote work for Hawaii and will help reduce traffic on the roads by encouraging more businesses to adopt virtual offices.

“Traffic was solved during the pandemic months, and this was a result of individuals staying at home,” said Ohno. “Implementing this program will reduce the number of people commuting to an office space and ease the congestion in our roads.”

Small businesses who are eligible for the grant will be able to use the funds for costs associated with setting up home offices, such as purchasing laptops or paying a portion of their employees’ electricity bills. Preference will be given to small businesses that can reduce the miles driven by their employees.

To view the proposed measure, click here.