HONOLULU (KHON2) – Many people are born in the same state they grew up in and choose to settle down in. However, the small group of people who relocate to a new state for work might want to think about the overall cost. 

A new study by WalletHub, a free credit score website, ranked the best and worst states to live in. They ranked states based on key factors like housing costs, income growth, education rate and quality of hospitals. 

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When choosing to relocate, starting a new adventure or even moving closer to family, choosing the right state is very important. You’ll need to balance things like job opportunities, quality of education, cost of living and safety. 

Their study found Hawaii had one of the highest housing costs and one of the lowest homeownership rates. Overall, out of all 50 states, Hawaii came in at 40/50 for best states to live in. 

Valerie Stahl is a professor at San Diego State University and said the majority of Americans live within 20 miles of where their parents live. 

“In addition, housing affordability is increasingly an issue for many Americans, and access to mobility is often bifurcated by race, class, and education,” said Stahl. 

She said in the U.S. there are inequalities as to who gets to decide where they live, what education they get and their income. 

“Even if you want to move, if you can’t afford the cost of movers or the deposit on a new apartment or the cost of daycare without grandma and grandpa’s help, even if employment opportunities are elsewhere, you can be stuck in place,” said Stahl. “As such, the cost of housing is perhaps the most important factor for families, especially as we reckon with an ongoing housing crisis and record-high inflation.”

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To read the full study by WalletHub on the best and worst states to live in head to their website.