Hawaii ranked 9th worst state for drivers

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Hawaii ranks the ninth worst state for drivers according to a new study.

Bankrate.com looked at six criteria: fuel expenses, insurance costs, commute time, cost of repairs, car thefts, and auto-related fatalities. The company then weighed the criteria on a numerical zero-to-ten score then averaged all the scores.

Hawaii scored a 29.2, which was only better than Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, Wyoming, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, and California.

The best state for drivers according to the study? Iowa with a score of 48.0. California ranked the lowest with a score of 21.

Below is a summary of how Hawaii ranked in the six criteria used in this study:

  • Commute time: Hawaii commutes average about 27.4 minutes, compared to Iowa’s 19 minute drive and New York’s 33.1 minutes. The national average is 24.3 minutes.
  • Insurance cost: Hawaii drivers average $867 for insurance annually. This is little less than the national average of $887. Insurance costs ranged from Iowa’s $648 to New Jersey’s whopping $1,300.
  • Gasoline spending: While we do rank near the top for the price per gallon of gasoline, Hawaii was below the national average for annual fuel cost at $1,029. Wyoming drivers spend $1,831 and New York drivers only spend $793.
  • Average cost of a repair: At $404 a year, Hawaii ranks a little higher than the national average of $392 for annual repair costs.
  • Car thefts per 100K people: Hawaii ranked third in the nation for auto theft, with 403.7 stolen for every 100,000 residents. Only New Mexico at 408.9 and California at 436.8 were worse. The place with the least car thefts? The would be Vermont with only 28.4 vehicles stolen per 100,000.
  • Car fatalities per 100M miles driven: Hawaii ranked a little below the nation average in driving fatalities at about 0.9 deaths per 100 million miles driven. According to the study, Massachusetts was the safest state to drive, while South Carolina was the most deadly at 1.7 fatalities per 100 million miles driven.

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