HONOLULU (KHON2) — During the pandemic, mental health conversations at home and at work started to take precedent. With more people checking in with themselves and their current mental health standard, Zencare, a therapist marketplace, conducted a study that ranked the best and worst states to raise your family. 

All the states were ranked using factors such as cost of living, graduation rate, diversity and more. 

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According to Zencare, home is more than just a place you live, and the state you call home can have a big impact on your family’s mental health. 

Their study ranked Hawaii as the 8th best state to raise a family. New Jersey came in as the best state, followed by Illinois, Pennsylvania and then Michigan.

Zencare used metrics on mental health care, opportunities, high school graduation rate, state and national park coverage, least expensive living, lowest divorce rates, hospital availability and diversity.

Hawaii ranked high in state and national park coverage coming in first for that category, then ranking second in lowest divorce rates and third in diversity metrics. 

According to the CDC’s National Vital Statistics report, being born in Hawaii gives you a greater chance of living a long life. 

Dr. Melinda Ashton, the Executive Vice President and Chief Quality Officer for Hawai‘i Pacific Health, said Hawaii residents live healthy lifestyles. 

She said maximizing one’s health is important, and ways to do that is keeping up with yearly check-ups. 

“Each individual should maximize their own health potential by keeping up regular doctor appointments and screenings,” said Dr. Ashton. “What we do for ourselves is just as important as the natural advantages that living in Hawai‘i offers us.”

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To read the full report on best states to raise a family, visit Zencare‘s website.