A study by Car Insurance Comparison looked at five categories to determine which states have the worst drivers, #1 being the worst. Hawaii was ranked #14th.

The methodology included looking at Fatality Rate (number of traffic deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled); Failure to Obey (Deaths involving failure to obey traffic laws like not wearing seat belts, ignoring traffic signals or driving without a valid license); Drunk Driving (traffic fatalities involving alcohol-impaired drivers); Speeding (deaths involving motorists who were speeding); and Careless Driving (the number of bicyclists and pedestrians killed by drivers for every 100,000 residents).

Hawaii ranked 36th for Fatality Rate, 32nd for Failure to Obey, 36th for Careless Driving, 1st for Drunk Driving, and 4th for Speeding. Overall it was ranked 14th for the state with the worst drivers.

2018 rank: 18th
2017 rank: 15th
2016 rank: 24th
2015 rank: 7th

The full study results can be found here.