Hawaii quintuplets celebrate 1st Christmas, shopping a challenge for Mom

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The Dela Cruz family are celebrating their first Christmas with their one-year-old quintuplets this year, and while many shoppers are taking advantage of all the in-store sales for Black Friday, the family is relying heavily on online shopping and Cyber Monday deals.

Fighting the crowds to find the perfect Christmas gift can be tough, but imagine trying to do that with quintuplets in tow.

The quints were home for the holidays last year, but this will be the first Christmas where they can actually unwrap some presents.

Kapena, Kupono, Keahi, Kaolu, and Kamalii are anticipating the holiday, along with their big brother Makaio, and parents Marcie and Ray Dela Cruz.

“We definitely want to take Santa pictures,” said Marcie, “so we’ll have to go to the mall to do that.”

So what does she anticipate when she faces the holiday shopping crowds with the quintuplets out in the public?

“It takes us a lot of time to get from point A to point B because there’s a lot of people asking questions and taking pictures of the babies.”

The parents say they have the routine down to where they can get all six kids in and out of the car within 10 minutes. But even that has its challenges. “We got a van that sometimes can’t go underneath parking garage ceilings,” Ray said. “We’re not sure if we’re gonna make it.”

“If we go anywhere, we’re just gonna tag team like we nornally do,” Marcie said. “He stays in the van or stays home with the kids while I run in.”

So this Christmas, she’s hoping instead to have some luck with Cyber Monday deals. “They’re at a good age where they can’t request anything, so it’s basically what Mommy and Daddy want to get them.”

Each of the quints have different personalities, so what does that mean when it comes to buying Christmas presents? “They’ll get different gifts,” Marcie said. “I don’t think I will waste time getting the same gift. That way, they learn how to share.”

But what happens when they are old enough for each of them to make a list? “I’ll probably always have a budget. There’s just too many of them not to.”

For now, the Dela Cruzes are taking it one day at a time.

Marcie says “It’s gonna be much more fun this year, because we can interact with them, and we’re just happy to start creating those memories with them.”

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