HILO, Hawaii (KHON2) — Hawai’i Island Police Department announced that 40 patrol sergeants will be outfitted with Body Worn Cameras in all districts across the island.

The move is meant to provide and enhance professionalism and transparency for the community.

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The gear will be Axon Body 2 which is what has been worn by patrol officers since 2020. Budgetary constraints is why it took longer for sergeants to receive the BWC.

According to HPD, “the Axon Body 2 camera is used by most law enforcement agencies around the nation. Recordings from the cameras can be used to demonstrate transparency to the public, document statements, observations and behaviors by both law enforcement and the public.”

Cameras will be activated when sergeants are dealing with the public and will stop recording once any incident is completed. Sergeants have been given leeway to use their discretion as to when the camera is and is not utilized.

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All footage will be kept for a minimum of two years while footage associated with cases will be kept for whatever length of time is necessary to resolve a case. The public has access to any footage in which they are involved. They only need to contact the police chief’s office with a formal request.