HONOLULU (KHON2) — Legal experts said Hawaii is one step closer to allowing gun owners to carry their weapons in public. This, after the United States Supreme Court said restrictions should be re-evaluated and asked the lower courts to take another look at them.

The decision follows last week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that stated gun owners should not be required to show a special cause to carry a gun in public.

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Legal experts said it is a victory for gun owners and Big Island resident George Young, who filed a lawsuit challenging Hawaii’s law.

Young’s attorney sent a statement that stated, “I am extremely happy that after 10 years of litigation the U.S. Supreme Court has vindicated Mr. Young’s Second Amendment rights.”

Other gun owners said this will make them safer.

“In my opinion it’s possible that you will see a reduction in aggravated assault and things like that in public because maybe somebody will think twice about assaulting somebody if that person might be armed,” said gun owner Lee Shannon.

Those who want stricter gun laws said state lawmakers might have to step in and pass new laws to keep gun owners in check.

“I think this is gonna be a big challenge for the legislators to come up with good solid gun safety laws that are going to protect the public,” said Doug Chin, former state attorney general.

A key lawmaker said they could require gun owners to re-register their weapons and get background checks every few years.

“I think you having to re-register every few years will take care of a couple of problems for people who were eligible before but aren’t now,” said Sen. Karl Rhoads, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “Because they’ve committed a felony, or maybe they’ve lost a gun, or maybe they’ve had some kind of mental health crisis.”

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Rhoads added that they could also regulate ammunition so only legitimate gun owners can buy bullets.