HONOLULU (KHON2) — The late, great University of Hawaii quarterback, Colt Brennan, threw for 14,193 yards in his record-breaking career, which comes out to just over eight miles.

With the Honolulu Marathon taking place on Sunday, Dec. 12, a Hawaii runner is taking Colt’s torch and hoping to take it the distance of 26.2 miles — all for his legacy.

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A die-hard Rainbow Warrior football fan, Kaneohe native Fuchsia Yamashiro has been to more road and home games than she can count. Her family also schedules reunions around the Honolulu Marathon every December.

In 2021, Yamashiro is combining the two: hitting the road in support of the Colt Brennan Legacy Fund.

“Colt gave us so much, from all the memories and just elevating our state in our program, so I’m asking people to donate $26.20 to the Colt Brennan Legacy Fund.”

Fuchsia Yamashiro, a die-hard Rainbow Warrior football fan & Kaneohe native

The fund was formed by the Brennan family, and it aims to support causes that Colt cared about, such as UH Athletics and youth sports. Donations will also go toward organizations that advocate and provide resources for those struggling with mental health and addiction.

Those who would like to donate to the Colt Brennan Legacy Fund can click here.

“Now, in remembrance, some people do have regrets and say, ‘we could have done more while he was here.’ Obviously, we can’t take any of that back, but what we can do is support people that are going through the same struggles,” Yamashiro added.

Yamashiro has already run the Boston Marathon in October; for this go-round, she wants anyone who donates to the cause to help create her running playlist.

It will build off of a new UH tradition called the Final 15 where Bob Marley is played before the 4th quarter at ‘Bows football games.

“Throughout my run, I’ll be listening to that playlist and thinking about Colt and all the memories that we’ve had and also thinking about everyone that’s nice enough to donate to support them and support me,” Yamashiro said.

Colt was notorious for his impeccable style on the field. Yamashiro will not only be rocking specially made number 15 shorts, but also his Warriors 15 jersey at the finish line.

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“The shorts were something that I found out from Colt’s sister and I ordered them a few months ago, and I’m waiting for the opportunity to wear them and no better time than the marathon. So, I will be wearing those shorts for the entire race. And while I can’t commit to wearing the jersey the entire race, I promise that I will have it with me at the finish line,” explained Yamashiro.