Hawaii man slashed across chest during failed carjacking

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Police are investigating a failed carjacking that occurred on Sunday, April 18, around 10:40 p.m. just outside of the Pearl Country Club parking lot in Aiea.

The victim, 38-year-old Wesley Nakano, escaped with his car and six slashes across his chest.

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Nakano grew up in Hawaii and said the incident changed him. He is angry that the suspect took advantage of his generosity.

“I’m very lucky, very, very lucky,” Nakano said.

Nakano is counting his blessings because he knows the cuts to his chest will heal. He is more upset about how it went down, however.

Nakano says he just finished working at a HI Prom event for high school seniors at the Pearl Country Club.

“It was a good night, we had fun. All the kids had fun so I was leaving on a high note,” Nakano explained. “I was driving out of the Pearl Country Club and I had stopped on the sidewalk. The guy walked up, right in front of my car, asked me for a cigarette. I said, ‘Eh, yeah I give you one cigarette.'”

Nakano looked down for his pack of cigarettes.

“Next thing I know, his hand was on the back of my neck and he grabbed me so I went pull away and I grabbed his arm,” Nakano said. “I was like, ‘Ho, what you doing?’ And he was like, ‘Give me your car. Give me your car.’ I was like, ‘What you talking about?'”

The suspect reached across his chest several times. Nakano kept pushing him away; he did not realize the man had a blade of some kind and was cutting him.

“My car was in drive at that time, I put it in reverse and he reached in again, and that’s when I pressed on the gas and I reversed backwards,” he explained.

Nakano saw the slashes on his body when he got back to the country club and called police.

“I’ve done so many great events here. It’s never dawned on me something like that would ever happen.”

According to HPD’s Crimemapping website, there was a burglary and a theft reported on Kaonohi Street Sunday, less than a mile away from where the botched carjacking took place.

Crimemapping reported 12 cases of theft, two car break-ins and one stolen car in the area since Wednesday, April 14.

Honolulu Police Department Crimestoppers Sgt. Chris Kim said, it is important to be cautious, especially when a stranger approaches the car.

“You always want to keep your doors lock and roll up your windows,” Kim explained. “Never, ever roll down your windows for someone you don’t know.”

“Here in Hawaii everybody, for the most part, has aloha. You know they just want to help people out and be kind or nice to people.” Kim said. “But we encourage people just to be more cautious.”

Nakano said, the attack changed him.

“I am a little bit more hesitant, a little bit more weary,” he explained. “I won’t drive around with my windows down.”

Nakano said, he is less likely to be as generous the next time someone asks him for a cigarette.

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