HONOLULU (KHON2) — Weighing in at almost 50 lbs, a taro grown on the Big Island has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the heaviest taro.

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Clarence Medeiros Jr. has been farming taro for over 50 years and he said it’s the largest taro he has ever seen. The taro weighs a record-breaking 49.97 pounds and was grown in Captain Cook.

The seasoned Kona farmer said he achieved the remarkable feat without using any fertilizers.

“I think the blessing from the good rain and we never had a volcano erupt for a couple of years. Yeah. Until recently. But the weather was good so I think everything turned out to be just right for me.”

Clarence Medeiros Jr. 

Medeiros gives credit to his fellow Kona farmers who have continued to practice traditional and sustainable methods to cultivate indigenous crops like kalo and ulu.

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Medeiros’ kalo was verified on Feb. 21, 2022, and the type of kalo it’s called is lehua pake.