HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will launch a pilot program to allow Hawaii residents to enter Hanauma Bay without a reservation.

The program’s purpose is to monitor the amount of people going into Hanauma Bay and determine if the numbers can remain manageable. It will begin on Wednesday and run until Sunday, Aug. 8. However, the bay is closed to the public every Monday and Tuesday.

This schedule will provide insight into local traffic while schools are in and out without overloading the amount of people going into the bay.

“Although we have seen a slight uptick in the percentage of local residents enjoying Hanauma Bay compared to pre-pandemic numbers, we want to make this natural treasure even more available to kama‘āina,” said Laura Thielen, DPR director. “While we are inviting more local residents to enjoy the bay, we are also reminding everyone that the capacity of preserve facilities, such as the parking lot and educational theatre, have not changed.”

During the program, traffic is expected to increase, and the DPR suggests visitors look for alternate modes of transportation into the bay.

In the bay’s parking lot, there are about 280 stalls, including staff parking. Restricting vehicle access when the lot is full will remain, until enough parking is available.

Hawaii residents who are interested in visiting Hanauma Bay without a reservation must show a valid photo ID to prove residency.