HONOLULU (KHON2) — Wednesday is the opening day of the state legislature, and we’re already getting a look at what lawmakers will be debating.

Governor Ige along with leaders from the state house and senate unveiled a package of economic bills.

This is the first joint house and senate legislative bill package since 2004.

According to a report, a family of four needs to earn $77,000 a year just to survive.

To help tackle that, a bill in the package will provide incremental increases in the minimum wage bringing it to $13 an hour by 2024.

Another measure will make the earned income tax credit refundable and permanent which means qualified families can get a cash refund of up to $380.

There are also measures to increase affordable housing.

“We have been focused on how to have the greatest impact on the broadest sector on our economy and the people in our community to really put more dollars in their pockets,” said Ige.