Hawaii Kai cemetery construction continues to draw red flags from residents

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The construction of a cemetery in Hawaii Kai, located in Kamilonui Valley has been in the works for more than a decade, but never seems to get started. Along the way residents have raised questions about the project and the materials being dumped there.

“It would be nice if someone came out and said this is what we plan on doing, this is our timeline, this is what’s going to happen and if you have any concerns let us know,” said Hawaii Kai neighborhood board member Natalaie Iwasa.

Those are just a few of the questions many residents in Hawaii Kai would like to have answered. They also say there are piles of materials being dumped there that keep piling up.

“We have people who have been able to take pictures of the piles that are growing and growing,” said Hawaii Kai neighborhood board chair Greg Knudsen.

“There’s still stuff out there that people are questioning why it’s out there,” said Iwasa.

After hearing their concerns KHON2 reached out to the city to find out if the property owners where permitted dump materials on the land. The city told KHON2 that they did have a permit to do so, but they were unaware work had continued and would be sending out an inspector to ensure that the current amount of stockpile conformed to the existing permit.

“It’s just we want to make sure that they are staying within the parameters of what they are allowed to do in order to develop that,” said Knudsen.

KHON2 also reached out to one of the property owners. To find out what was being dumped on the property.

“A lot of it is base course, what is recognized and approved material by the city,” said property owner William McCorriston. “The base course has been inspected by the city on occasion.”

McCorriston says the stockpiled materials will be used for roadways and some of the buildings on the property, but the biggest question still remains. What is the status of the cemetery?

As of now the property owners are waiting on an application from the state that would allow them to operate the cemetery. From there they will have to get a grading permit for construction and then submit a master plan to the city.

So will we ever see this cemetery?

“There will be a cemetery and hopefully construction will start this year,” said McCorriston.

The city says they will be sending an inspector out to the property each week and if the stockpile material does not meet approval they will be issuing a notice of violation. The city also say no new stockpile permits will be issued to the property owners until a cemetery master plan is submitted for the site.

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