HONOLULU (KHON2) –Throughout the pandemic many people chose to leave their current jobs to pursue different careers or even open their own business. That’s what Chelle Vo decided to do. She said she started Spherica Jewelry just over a year ago during the pandemic. 

Spherica Jewelry designs and creates unique, premium-colored gemstone and pearl artisanal jewelry for men and women that breaks the common mold. Vo said they just completed designing their first one-of-a-kind collection called O’ahu Soul.

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“Our entire woman-owned brand is built upon the stories we create with our clients,” said Vo. “Every custom order we receive from our beloved clients is steeped in deep meaning, and our work together forges a bond we cherish that allows us to make maximum impact in people’s lives at a time in our human existence where love and light is most crucial.”

She said every gemstone sourced and every design developed for O’ahu Soul was influenced by the textures, colors and vibe of the Hawaii islands. From beautiful tropical flowers to lush green vibrant tropical plants to people and culture, and all the wonder of the coral reefs. 

“We have a deep respect and undying love for our land, our oceans, and our people,” said Vo. “Because who we are being and how we choose to live is our collective legacy.”

Along with funding her jewelry business Vo said she is passionate about helping young businesses get their foot in the door. She believes mentorship is powerful and can really change the outcome of a new entrepreneur. 

“I believe that to be in business today comes with a direct responsibility to give back to local communities and play an important role in direct community wealth building,” said Vo. “At Spherica, we believe in 360 degrees of flow when it comes to business…and the most important way to make an impact is to make it directly to the communities we operate in.”

Courtesy: Spherica Jewelry

She acknowledges some communities have been far underserved, looking for ways to re-invent themselves in a post-COVID world and that long to benefit economically without the reliance on tourism. 

“The global creator economy is powerful, yet in its infancy still,” said Vo. “Sadly, how to enter and succeed in it is certainly not something that’s being taught in our local schools. This is where we believe we can be the value add that’s needed to our local economy and directly support our young dreamers who in turn will support their families.”

They will be launching Project MPower later this year, which is their signature philanthropic program designed to teach young island dreamers how to design, create and sell their own jewelry, not just locally but also online. This program will also teaches young people how to build a brand and succeed online. The program is set to launch in late 2022 and will be offered at no cost to local Oahu youth.

Vo said some tips she offers to young businesses owners are:

  • Look for every way you can to solve problems and add unique value. And always remember that value always precedes engagement.
  • Make sure your product serves a need
  • Most entrepreneurs fail because they are their own worst enemy…so love yourself, believe in yourself, and be hyper-vigilant about ways you might sabotage yourself. 

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For more information about Spherica Jewelry you can head to their website or check them out on Instagram