Many shops and businesses will be shut down over the next few days as Hurricane Lane continues to make its closest approach to the islands.

One Hawaii island shop owner has already closed its doors, and expects to be shut down over the next few days while the storm moves through.

“A couple days ago we were like oh it’s just going to blow over,” said Kona Wave Cafe owner Eugene Yi. “Then it started getting serious and we saw people at the stores panicking and wiping out water, so now we’re in a rush to get safe and get this secure as possible. This is our livelihood and we want to keep it safe and protected.”

Yi also say he’s most worried about water damage, since that area in in Kailua-Kona has flooded in the past.

“We’re just hoping that the water doesn’t get in and damage the electrical system,” said Yi. “right now, we’re just hoping for the best.”