HONOLULU (KHON) – Hawaii is an expensive state to live in. Food, gas and electricity cost more than if you choose to live on the mainland.

Because Hawaii has a very tropical climate it tends to be warm year-round between 80-90 degrees. 

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This could mean constantly running your AC, which in turn will crank up the price of your monthly electricity bill. 

According to one study by Finder, a website dedicated to comparing financial products, brands and services, Hawaii is the most expensive state in terms of energy bills. 

The average monthly energy bill for the Aloha State is $321 which equals to $3,856 a year! They compare this price to a getaway vacation to Hawaii for a party of two. 

Hawaii ranks as the most expensive state for both monthly electricity costs at $168 and natural gas bills at $152 according to Finder. 

They offer tips for homeowners in Hawaii who want to cut down their monthly energy bill. 

Tips to reduce electricity bill:

  • Buy energy efficient appliances
  • Use a rewards card
  • Unplug your devices
  • Use off-peak energy hours

Although it’s pricey, switching to Energy Star appliances could save you 5% to 10% on your energy bill. Also consider switching to energy efficient light bulbs, which could help you save $75 a year on your monthly bill. 

Keeping your device plugged in still uses energy called phantom power. This type of energy makes up about 25% of all residential energy and can be stopped by simply unplugging unused items.

For example, if you keep a phone charger plugged in all day and night, that may cost you $4 to $5 a year. To help cut costs, unplug your unused devices or buy a power strip.

To read the full study by Finder on Hawaii being the most expensive state for energy costs head to their website.