HONOLULU (KHON2) – In the past five years one in four Americans have moved states and one in three considered making the change. 

A new study by CraftJack looked into what states people are moving out of and where they are moving to and unfortunately Hawaii came out close to the top.

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The number one state people are leaving is California according to the study. Following California is New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and coming in eighth is Hawaii. 

According to CraftJack one in five people moved in 2021 and the average amount an American spent to move was $3,946. 

Hawaii is known for having high taxes, competitive housing, expensive groceries and more. Over the past few years job security for some industries has made it tough for people to keep their houses and not fall behind on bills. 

The states people are moving to are Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Many people are looking to move to the southern states due to decreased taxes, cheaper homes and comfortable yearly expenses. 

To read the full study by CraftJack on where people are moving to head to their website

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The top reasons people are packing up their stuff and moving to a new state is due to job relocation, wanting to be closer to family and a lower cost of living.