HONOLULU (KHON2) — Feeling like you can’t catch up on bills month after month? Well, you are not the only one.

A new study ranked the states with the highest to lowest monthly expenses and Hawaii came out on top. 

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According to Doxo, an online payment website that manages all household bills, Hawaii’s average monthly bills are about 45% higher than the national average and consume 45% of a household’s income. 

The average monthly payment for Hawaii is around $2,900 whereas the national average is just over $2,000. However, that is just an average.

The website broke down even further numbers stating the most expensive place to live is in Kailua, followed by Mililani, then Kaneohe. 

According to the study everything in Hawaii costs more than the national average. Auto loans, health insurance, life insurance, mobile phones, alarm and security systems and more. 

Things like gas, electricity, and water are necessities but the pandemic shifted the way people live and now cable, internet or Wi-Fi is just as important. 

There are some Hawaii towns that have monthly expenses below or closer to the national average. Pahoa’s expenses are around $1,599 well below the average. Keaau is slightly above at $2,072 and Hilo sits at $2,170. 

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For more information and to see a breakdown of monthly expenses in Hawaii head to Doxo’s website