HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is a busy weekend for Hawaii’s public schools.

Dozens of high schools are holding commencement ceremonies to honor new graduates over the weekend of Saturday, May 21.

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Campbell High School held its ceremony at the Convention Center on Saturday, parents told KHON2 emotions were running high.

“Baby all the way up till graduate, it’s hard. So, it’s going to be hard to contain emotion, it’s going to be good emotion, emotional day,” Campbell High School dad Ano Tauala said.

Fellow Campbell dad Archie Quiambao said seeing his daughter graduate was a long-awaited moment.

“It’s one of the moments we wait for, you know, kids graduate from high school and it’s the beginning of the journey of their new chapter,” said Campbell High School dad Archie Quiambao. “We knew she was going to make it to here, you know, it’s a great feeling.”

Families over at Kaimuki High School said they could not be more proud.

“It kind of brought back some memories, right? When she was little, now she has accomplished this level of her education, that feels really great,” said Kaimuki High School auntie Aulani.

Kaimuki graduate Myner Robert had his grandpa there to support, who said he could barely hold back.

“I just feel like tears coming out,” Rainer Taylor said.

Robert said he was nervous to walk across the stage, but found his pride as he received his diploma.

“I just feel free, I’m finally out of this place, finally going to get on to my future,” Robert said.

As far as a message to the new graduates, the Tauala family summed it all up.

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“Always put God first and always know that your family is always there for you, no matter what or where you go in life, never be afraid to try new things, but always know that you can always rely on your family to be there,” Campbell mom Otila Tauala said.