HONOLULU (KHON2) — Josh Green will be sworn in as Hawaii’s ninth governor on Monday, Dec. 5.

He will take the mantle with a host of issues on his plate, including affordable housing, inflation and Hawaii’s continued pandemic recovery.

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Hawaii governor-elect Josh Green said on Tuesday, Nov. 8 that he wants to listen, care and work on issues that matter to all of Hawaii. KHON2 asked Green what he thinks those issues are.

“Well, the first and foremost issue is being affordable, to live in Hawaii so you can have a job, but it’s so expensive to have housing, can’t save for your children,” Green said.

Even fuel prices and food has become too expensive. So, all of those are really big issues for us, so affordability is key, housing remains key. That’s a real world problem for most of our people.”

Josh Green, Hawaii governor elect

Green said he will be an “in the trenches” leader and wanted every Hawaii resident to know that the time for unity has come.

“Well, one piece of unity is me being united with my lieutenant governor, Sylvia Luke, who’s a good friend, she’s like a sister,” Green said. “Also, remember there were about 100,000 people that chose a different candidate, which is important to note. I will govern for them just as hard as I govern and support those who did vote for me.”

Green added that he wants to invite the minority who chose to remain unvaccinated to move forward together as Hawaii comes out of the pandemic.

“I want to unite them too. Though I do feel strongly that we did the right things to make sure people lived, I’m also mindful that their experience was traumatic too.”

Josh Green, Hawaii governor elect

“And so I want to unify that group of people so, through major actions, we’ll make people come along,” he said.

As someone who held Hawaii’s second-highest office since 2018, Green said he is more than ready to remove the “lieutenant” from his job title.

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“The big change of course is when you are in the principal position to make decisions, and that’s where I find myself now,” Green said. “Again, mahalos to everybody out there who’s watching because I couldn’t be more honored by this moment.”