HONOLULU (KHON2) — The AAA Hawaii said the average regular unleaded gas price for Hawaii was $5.31 on Thursday, May 12.

According to AAA Hawaii, it increased by four cents more than last week and is just a fraction below yesterday’s new state record price.

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The average national gas price is $4.42 — 17 cents higher than a week ago.

Hawaii gas prices rose more slowly than in other states this past week, but unfortunately continue to set new records.”


Here is a list of average gas prices for regular unleaded gasoline by island compared to a week ago:

  1. $5.20 — Honolulu, Oahu — increased by four cents
  2. $5.36 — Hilo, Hawaii — increased by five cents
  3. $5.44 — Kahului, Maui — increased by two cents
  4. $5.61 — Lihue, Kauai — increased by eight cents

According to Sumida, premium gasoline has become even more expensive than regular-grade gasoline.

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Sumida recommends using less expensive regular gasoline if a person’s vehicle is not required to use premium gasoline.