HONOLULU (KHON2) — A local favorite bakery is struggling to keep its head above water as inflation continues to rise.

Kilani Bakery in Wahiawa reports losing $20,000 just last month alone.

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“We got hit hard with the $20,000 loss, it’s significant and unless we raise our prices there’s no way we’re going to stay in business too much longer,” Kilani Bakery owner Dawn Takara said.

That’s 63 years of business. Here are some of the price increases Kilani Bakery reports going through since last year.

“Everything has been going up every month it goes up. Those were the more drastic changes and price increases,” Takara said.

Inflation, which hit a 40-year high in June at 9.1%, has been exacerbated by the avian bird flu increasing the price of eggs, which is prominent in many of Kilani’s baked goods.

“Definitely the eggs, azuki (bean) is next in line but eggs significantly went up. That’s due to the avian bird flu in the mainland, but it doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight for it,” Takara said. “All we’re looking to do here is break even, we’re not trying to get reach we’re not trying to make money we just want to be able to pay our employees, pay our bills.”

Takara is thankful for their customers’ support as they make some adjustments to their menu, like reducing items that use eggs and producing more popular items like their brownies. She says that many other local businesses are going through the same thing, so if you see our favorites increase prices as our wallets feel the inflation pinch, remember that where you spend discretionary income matters.

“When you can please support local, support local support small businesses because there’s not many of us left and if we don’t get the local support we’re all going to disappear,” Takara said.