Hawaii doctor urges everyone to drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Doctors warn the chances of getting dehydrated are high with many heading outdoors and the beautiful, hot weather expected to last through the holiday on Monday, May 31.

High temperatures and lots of sunshine are ideal for outdoor activities, but not getting enough fluids could ruin your day and jeopardize your health, according to Dr. Alan Wu of Doctors of Waikiki.

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“We really need a lot of water and fluids for us to continue to function,” Dr. Wu explained. “And when your body does not get enough water, it can’t function properly.”

Dr. Wu says dehydration can be mild to severe. Symptoms can range from headaches, muscle cramping, nausea and dizziness to fever, heatstroke, fainting, organ failure and even death.

It is important to pay close attention when doing any activities that produce sweat.

“I just keep on drinking water and I make sure that I’m facing where the air is coming,” athlete Legend Sai said. Sai plays soccer for i9 Sports.

“We’ve always tried to do a good job of keeping the kids hydrated,” explained volunteer i9 coach John Von Tungeln. “If a kid looks more sluggish than normal, if they don’t look like their normal level of energy, then we look at that and maybe try to get them off the field and try to get them a water break.”

Water is not the only thing that can replenish fluids and electrolytes that the human body needs.

“Making sure that besides having water, we have fruits, tangerines, oranges, watermelon things also with sugar, the coaches always bring Gatorade — that helps too,” parent Carly Sai said.

Try to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine. They can make it worse.

Dr. Wu says anyone can get dehydrated, even while while they are swimming.

“Because of that heat exposure, and that reflection of the water, it actually creates more heat loss and more fluid loss,” Dr. Wu said.

He says wearing UV-protected clothing or a large-brimmed hat can prevent sun exposure, but they do not take the place of drinking lots of water.

“We have beautiful weather. It’s gonna be hot, it’s sunny, and everybody wants to go out and have fun. So just be careful,” Dr. Wu said.

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