Hawaii County pays $15.1 million in settlement after deadly officer involved crash

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The Hawaii County Police Department agreed to a settlement with the family of a man who died after being hit by a patrol car.

Jeffrey Surnow was riding his bicycle in the early morning hours of March 1, 2015 when a Hawaii County police officer fell asleep at the wheel of his patrol car and hit Surnow.

During a subsequent federal lawsuit, it was revealed that the County had a policy of routinely requiring officers to work double shifts within the same 24-hour period.

It was determined that the officer who struck and killed Surnow had been awake approximately 26 hours at the time of the collision.

The police officer was prosecuted and convicted of negligent homicide and no longer works for the Hawaii County Police Department.

The County agreed to pay $15.1 million in settlement of all claims. The Surnow family intends to establish a charitable foundation with a portion of the settlement proceeds.

Jeffrey Surnow was a 63-year-old Detroit philanthropist, real estate entrepreneur and bicycle enthusiast.

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