HONOLULU (KHON2) — A bill aiming to ban single-use plastic containers, like bottled water, was stalled at the State Capitol on Thursday, Feb. 3. But many think it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

Aloha Water Company isn’t waiting to be told they have to move away from plastics. They’ve already done it. They unveiled their line of single-use carton water on Wednesday, Feb. 2. And it could be the future of single-use beverage containers according to the company president, Dan Gabriel.

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“We saw the writing on the wall. We knew — this is no surprise to any company. We knew this was coming down the pipe so we decided to take a proactive approach.”

Dan Gabriel, Aloha Water Company President

Aloha Water Company has been working on it for five years, looking at aluminum and glass. But Dan Gabriel’s son, the company vice president, Tony Gabriel said paper was the best choice.

“If you’re getting new aluminum, you’re mining, and if you’re getting glass, it’s a big production to manufacture glass bottles,” Tony said. “So we figured that paper was the least invasive on the environment and the most sustainable.”

The carton looks like a milk container.

“That’s exactly what it is,” Tony said. “They’ve been around for a long time. Most people are used to seeing their dairy and orange juice in it, we just took it and put water in it.”

Tony also stated that the cartons have a shelf-life of up to two years, the limit for any food or beverage product.

Though it costs them 10% to 12% more to produce the carton water, they said they are absorbing the cost by producing the cartons and by working the line themselves.

They said customers will actually save money.

“They’re seeing the savings of $1.44 per case and 6 cents per unit because they no longer have to put a HI 5, 6 cents deposit and go and get 5 cents back,” Dan explained.

According to the state’s Office of Solid Waste Management, more than 376 million plastic containers were sold between July 2020 and June 2021. More than 217 million of them were redeemed.

That’s still millions of recyclables going to waste, likely ending up polluting our environment.

“We don’t want to be part of that problem,” Dan said. “We want to be a solution.”

“And we wanted to show them that there are alternatives out there and it’s not going to drastically increase the price for the consumer,” Tony added.

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The product is so new it isn’t even in stores yet however, people can contact Aloha Water Company directly at (808) 486-3300 or email info@alohawater.com.